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Completed Projects BANU EVLERİ Bahçeşehir

HASANOĞLU, made its name with 25 years of industry experience and successful projects, is opening the doors of a peaceful life with the BANU HOUSES concept project, which has been implemented since 2004.

BANU HOUSES Bahçeşehir, which was developed in accordance with the concept of luxury living space and site in parallel with HASANOĞLU's general understanding of construction, represents a privileged life within the urban fabric of Bahçeşehir.

The project was built on 103,000 m2 with a high-level security site concept, built with a solid and warm combination of a wooden and reinforced concrete structure, surrounded by security walls, controlled by a 24/7 camera. Projects where Expectations Become Reality with the Philosophy of Privileged Life!

BANU HOUSES Bahçeşehir, one of the largest residential projects of HASANOĞLU, has become one of the strongest brands of Bahçeşehir with its understanding and privileged life philosophy that offers quality and comfort together.

The project, built on an area of 103,000 m2 for a life intertwined with unique landscape areas and nature, offers apartment owners comfort and decency together. BANU HOUSES Bahçeşehir, started to host its guests in 2006, has become an indispensable housing for homeowners in a short time.


Address Bahçeşehir 2. Kısım Mah. Banu Yolu Cad. BANU EVLERİ Sitesi, 34488 Başakşehir/İstanbul
Phone 444 9 313

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