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02Commercial Units

Ispartakule District, which is adjacent to the Canal Istanbul project, which will give Istanbul a whole new face, is located also at the intersection of many important roads and centers like 3rd Airport connection road, North Marmara Ring Road, TEM connection road, etc. and becoming the new transportation and commercial center of Istanbul.

For this reason, real estate prices are increasing every day in Ispartakule District, which already offers its location advantage to its sellers and attracts great attention, and it is the preferred reason of investors due to its future potential.

Pre-Requisition process has started!

With a foresight strategy, it will be the center of both life and trade

BANU EVLERİ, located in the Ispartakule District, is also a neighbor of the Emlak Konut Ispartakule project, which consists of 2,000 houses and will be the living space of 10,000 people.

BANU EVLERİ, which is a solution to the region's commercial space needs with its commercial units and offers its investors an opportunity to add value every day, provides an important investment opportunity for commercial gain in addition to peaceful living areas.

The PRE-REQUISITION process has started for the commercial unit rents of BANU EVLERI, which will add value to this region that will become the new center of trade.

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