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02Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy



The purpose of this clarification text is to provide information to you about processing of personal data of Web Site users/ members/ visitors (“Relevant Person”) that are obtained by using cookies during the operation of web site at the address of which is managed by Hasanoglu Group Companies (“Hasanoglu”).

Hasanoğlu has prepared this clarification text in order to disclose what type of cookies are used at Web Site and to explain how relevant persons can manage their preferences regarding this subject in accordance with Personal Data Protection Law (“Law”) applicable in Turkish Republic.

As Hasanoğlu, we can withdraw from usage of cookies which we use at the Web Site, we can change their types or functions or we can start using new cookies. For this reason, we reserve the right to make amendment at any time in relation to provisions of this clarification text. Any kind of change that we made in relation to current clarification text will become effective after its being published at Web Site or any medium which is open to public. Last date of updating is stated at the beginning of the text.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are smile size text files generally composed of letters and numbers, being placed in the memory of your browser or device when you visit any web site or when you view a message.

Cookies are created by servers that administer the web site which you visit. Hence, when visitor visits the same web site, server can understand this particular.  Cookies can be similarized with identity cards showing to web site owners that the same visitor has visited the web site again.
Cookies help internet site remember the information relating with your visit (For example, language you prefer and other settings). It can faciliate your next visit and it can make the site become more useful. It is designed with the aim to get statistical information about how many people visit the web site as temporal proportional and about for what purpose and how many times a person visits the web site and how long he stays there and it is used with regards to these purposes.

Most of the browsers are designed in a way to first accept the technical communication file. However, the users can always change browser settings in order not to accept the technical communication file or to enable warning to be given when technical communication file is sent.
Cookies can be classifed with respect to their owners, usage lifetimes, and usage purposes.

For what purposes are cookies used?

As Hasanoğlu, we are processing your personal data by means of various cookies which we use at the Web Site. By visiting web site of, you accept placement of cookies required for usage of cookies needed for the usage of web site belonging to Hasanoglu, in your device. The purposes of processing your personal data by means of cookies are specified in general below:

• To realize all functions required for operation of Web Site. For example, its not being required for entering passwords again while logged in members visit different pages in Web Site.

• To analyze Web Site and to improve performance of Web Site. For example, integration of different services on which Web Site operates, determining number of those visiting the Web Site, making performance adjustments accordingly or making it easy for visitors to find what they are searching for.

• To improve functionality of Web Site and to enable easiness of use. For example, having sharings through Web Site for third party social media channels, remembering user name information or search queries of visitor who has visited Web Site in his next visit.

In accordance with 5th and 8th articles of law, your personal data are processed for the purposes state above and they are processed in situations required as per the law based on your explicit consent. As Hasanoğlu, we can transfer your personal data as being limited with fulfillment of purposes stated above, in connection and as reasonable and in accordance with provisions of law and relevant secondary legislation, to third parties, our business partners, shareholders, affiliates, legally authorized public institution and corporations and private persons and corporations. We would like to mention that parties to whom data transfer is made, can keep your personal data in their servers throughout the world.

Which cookies are being used?

Below you can find information about different types of cookies which we use in Web Site. At the Web Site, both cookies placed by web site you visit (primary party) and cookies placed by servers apart from the web site you visit (third party) are used.

• Mandatory cookies

Usage of certain cookies is mandatory in order for correct and functional operation of Web Site. For example, identity verification cookies that are activated when you open a session at Web Site, enable continuation of your session in an effective way as you move from one page of Web Site to the other page.

• Functionality and preference cookies

These cookies enable for services offered at Web Site to be personalized for you, by remembering your preferences and selections through Web Site. For example, it enables us to remember your language selection at the Web Site or the font size you have selected when reading a text.

• Performance and analysis cookies

With these cookies, we are able to improve services which we provide you, by analyzing your usage of Web Site and performance of Web Site. For example, with these cookies, we are able to determine the particulars such as which pages our visitors have viewed most, whether Web Site operates as required or not, and we can determine possible error codes.

How can I control usage of cookies?

You have the opportunity to personalize your preferences relating with cookies, by changing the settings of your browser.

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Google Adwords:

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Google Chrome:

Internet Explorer:

Mozilla Firefox:



However, if cookies ensuring functionality of fundamental functions of Web Site are deactivated or if their usage is blocked, we would like to remind you that you will not be able to benefit from specific services offered through the Web Site.

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