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02Quality Policy

“Family” is the Most Important Aspect in Determining Our Quality Standards.

Our families are the most important element in determining our quality standards in all BANU EVLERI projects. In every "Family Oriented" BANU EVLERI project, every detail that leads to quality is designed according to expectations, needs and desires. 

Quality meets with peace and comfort at BANU EVLERI, which provides spacious living spaces where first class brands are used in every square meter. 

In addition to the advantages provided by the region, this family-oriented project promises the investors profit and high quality of life while providing comfort and quality to apartment owners in the most appropriate way.


Functional Apartment Plans

Get your place at the BANU EVLERI which is the most consistent project in terms of net and gross square meters allowing you to use every space available.

Premium Brands

You will experience quality at every turn thanks to the premium brands preferred throughout the project and in the apartment interior plans.

Modern Architecture

With BANU EVLERI projects where everything is meticulously prepared to the finest detail, you will enjoy every square meter you own.

Expert Staff

We undertake projects in world standards with our team aiming to meet expectations at the highest level.

After Sales Services

Not only we help families reach their dreams but we also prove that we are one big family by meeting their after sales demands.

30 Years of Experience

Hasanoglu adds its experience to the foundations of every project undertakes thus far and builds trust.

Let your choice be the
assurance of your future.